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What Store Gives The Most Cash Back

We Show You What Stores Gives The Most Cash Back!!

We have your complete list of what stores give you cash back and rebates.

This list of stores continues to grow and expand. If you are already spending money at these​ well know stores, you may save a lot of money.

Take advantage of our free list and free coupon offers, it's all free. Fill in the form below to start saving, get rebates and cash back.

We Show You A List Of What Stores Give You Cash Back & Rebates

It's free to join Trunited.

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Available in the United States only - at this time.​

Here Is How You Get Cash Back - Many Stores Give You Cash Back 

In a nutshell, here is how it works.

Join for free, no cost, no fees.

Thousands of products from large list of stores. Travel, Restaurants, Fast Food.....etc

When you make purchases - you get discounts and cash rewards points

Points  = Money Back - you get paid!

Free Referral Program 

Here is an example.

Ok trunited family. Ok here is an interesting take on ONE point. Needed some locks for my trailer. Went to Home Depot Global brands took me to Home Depot's web page. Ordered the locks paid online and Checked out around 11:00 am. Notice to pick up 40 min later. No big deal right? Ok follow me here. 1 point doesn't sound exciting. BUT WAIT !!Because I am a pacesetter and I have 2 legs that gave pacesetters (I promise not trying to brag mentioning it for illustration). Follow me now. Here is where it gets exciting. I qualify for 5 levels right? I have 73. Customers (members who have bought something) on my 5 levels. I get paid on each of their 1 point. Ok follow me here.My point 1 pointCustomers under me. 73 pointsTotal points I'm paid on. 74 points@.24. $17.76 payoutNow thats powerful. ONE POINT.Now I could have saved a couple buck at Ace Hardware but with this simple math why would I.This platform is so powerful. Anyone can do this. It not hard share, plan and don't give up. Think Trunited first and train your connections to do the same. Just that easy.Now at Logan's having dinner with a gift card. As big Darren Moyer Would say. "BOOM BABY"

Posted by Mike - 8-19-17

How To Get Cash Back On Purchases
Dead Sea Mud Mask

Points Back: 3 Examples

Dead Sea Mud Mask =9 points

​Charcoal and Face Scrub = 4 points

Pure Body Naturals Hot Cream = 7 points​

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My name is George Dirlam and I will provide you with an incredible list of where to get cash back and savings on items your probably are already buying.

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Best Rebates

Our discounts, rebates and cash back rewards are available in the United States only at this time. We are also adding new stores and discounts every month.

We offer discounts on many well know retail giants. Along with these discounts, you can get cash back incentives when you buy through our discount members.

Having so many members in our buyers program gives these companies incentives to discount products and offer cash back discounts for our shoppers.​

How Can I Save Money When Shopping

Our shoppers provide buying power, and in return you get discounts and cash.​

Maybe you have a Costco membership? I have a membership with Costco. Costco sends me a rebate check every year from my store purchases.

This check is usually around the cost of my executive membership. This rebate check usually covers my Costco membership every year. Costco mails it to me every year and the same thing happens to you if you have a membership there.

If you buy more at Costco your rebate check is higher and if you spend less your rebate check is lower. Fair enough? Of course!​

Here a just a few of the stores & ​products we can buy from at additional discounts

  • Walmart discount & rebates
  • Sams Club
  • ​Target
  • Home depot
  • Travel discounts
  • Rental cars
  • Vacations​
  • Hotels
  • Restaurant discounts
  • Fast Food
  • ​Groceries
  • Clothing 

We are rapidly expanding and hope to offer these same amazing discounts in other countries soon.

Message me for the complete list at my Facebook page - George Dirlam

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