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How To Make My Website Load Faster

Here Is How I Make My Website / WordPress Load Faster!

Hello, my name is George Dirlam and I use this tool to compress images on my WordPress for faster website speeds.

What do you do when a website takes too long to load?  We usually get impatient and leave.​

This is a  free tool and I use it on all images (unless I forget) to make my website run faster. I use WordPress as my website but my C-Panel also has a free website builder inside it.

When I have a image saved, usually in my documents, I will minimize two windows and drag the image I want compressed into the jpeg image compressor.

When the tool is done compressing the image, I download it and drag the downloaded compressed image back into the folder where I got it.​

I also have a folder where I get my images named compressed images and​ I put the compressed image into the compressed image folder.

The new image says "-min" ​after you compress the image.

How to make my website load faster

​Funny, as I am writing this blog I went to get the image and forgot to compress it. Sometimes I do forget to compress my images and have to go back and fix it, not a problem.

I will compress it now...ok, done. I did it in 3 minutes maybe but you could do it in half the time.​

How To Make My Website Faster

Notice the -72% when I compressed the image you are looking at. Click the Image and it will take you to the site. I use it so much I have it bookmarked.

This is very important if I make a capture page in my WordPress where the image is very large.​ Here is an example of a very large image I compressed.

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Another thing you can do to your WordPress / website to make it run faster is update your PHP​ in you web hosting C-Panel / control panel. Update your PHP to 7.0 or at least to  5.6 in C-Panel.

I use HostGator for my web hosting but most C-panels / control panels are very similar.

In the HostGator C-Panel, scroll down to "software"​ and click on "PHP selector". This takes you to the PHP selector page and you will find a dropdown box to choose which version you want. 

You can also type in PHP in the search box and it will take you to the software selection.​

Choose 7.0 or at least 5.6 and click the module_update button.​ That's it, seems difficult at first but it's very easy.

If you are using some really outdated plugins that never get updated, 7.0 could cause problems for you. If you are using plugins from excellent developers, 7.0 is  - No Problemo!!​

I hope this blog post helps you with faster website speeds.

This blog post is written by me - George Dirlam​.

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