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Home Fitness Workouts

Hello, my name is George Dirlam and this blog post is about “Home Fitness Workouts” and the home exercise programs I have completed. Please follow me on Twitter and I will follow you back.

I like to document my workouts everyday into a notepad to keep tract of my weight and the exercise programs I complete.

On Friday 7-25-14 I completed “Urban Rebounding Extreme” or “URT-MT” which is a 13 dvd set. Each dvd is about 50 minutes long with no breaks. I found this home fitness workout to be very challenging, especially dvd #4 and dvd #11. You can see pictures on my Twitter of the Urban Rebounder.

I exercised to every dvd for 6 days giving me one day off. I was especially impressed with dvd #12 which seemed to be slower paced but still had me sweating profusely. Every dvd exercise will get your sweat on or actually off as I like to say.

The slower tempo on dvd #12 with “Keli Roberts” and the very high amount of seat dripping off of me by the end of this workout made dvd #11 one of my favorite workouts in this home fitness program.

If you try this workout program, you will find every workout very challenging. The rebounder also tends to be easy on your joints also. This may be the best piece of exercise equipment I have ever purchased.

Daily exercise is an important part of staying healthy,in my opinion, especially as we get older, I now exercise 6 day a week and try to keep it under an hour.

Today is Monday 7-28-14 and I just finished day #1 of T-25 “Cardio” from the “Beachbody” work out programs. This T-25 exercise program is going to take two months to complete but the exercise programs are only about 25 minutes long with another 2.5 minutes for stretching.

weight loss success

Weight Loss Success

Why Stop Exercising?
If we go back to 16 Feb 2010, I just started the Insanity workout program and I was overweight by about 30 lbs.

I clearly remember that it took me about 1-2 hours to recover from the first Insanity workout.

My recovery time now on my exercise programs take about 5 minutes and I don’t feel nauseous. The first time I completed the “Insanity” workout, I thought I was going to puke after the workout but I never did.

I once heard someone say that the definition of metabolic training was exercises that make you feel like you are going to puke. Maybe I agree.

After completing the Insanity program I lost 20 lbs. My biggest mistake was that I didn’t continue exercising. By February 2011, I gained 17.5 lbs. In February 2011 I started the “RIP 60” exercise program and when I completed the program I lost 18 lbs.

The exercise program I did before Urban Rebounding was Insanity + RIP 60. I mixed each exercise every day and this took over 5 months to complete.

This blog post is starting to get long so in a nutshell – Whatever exercise program you choose, do not stop after you complete the program. Find another program and continue on, don’t stop.

I will categorize this and other exercise blog posts under exercise programs and write another post on other home workout programs I have participated in.

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