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George Dirlam's Tips For Twitter And WordPress

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After posting this WordPress blog I will take the link and post it in Twitter and IBO Toolbox.

This blog post is also a test for me to see how well it performs against other online marketing tools that I am using for seo.​

When I Google my name - George Dirlam, I will see how this post does against a press release or a blogger.

Maybe seo is dead? ​ 

Since seo is so difficult now, I like to test seo using my name. If a blog or social site ranks well for my name against other sites like Twitter & IBO ToolBox, I can do a keyword specific post.

I will still tweet this post in Twitter. 

Any blogger post or press release, new post in a Fanpage, or Google+, goes into Twitter first.

Twitter Tips

Balance out your Twitter followers.

It's a must to keep your Twitter followers and who you follow within 10% ​or you will not be able to go over 2000 followers.

I just unfollowed 200 non followers. Tomorrow I can unfollow another 200 but that may not be necessary for a few days.

You will not be able to go over 2000 followers if your following too many people and don't have enough followers. 

To follow more than 2000 users on Twitter you have to have at least 1800 people following you. There probably are some exceptions but this is the case in general.

Basically, you can only follow 10% more people on twitter than people following you. These twitter followers may vary for different accounts, but there us a similar ratio for most accounts.

Here is a free Twitter tool I use to unfollow people who don't follow me back. 

​  I think it's called hootsuite now as it recently changed names. Here is the new url -

I tried to use it for a second Twitter account but it required a monthly fee.​  

There are other systems to use like ​ManageFlitter which will help you balance your followers.

This site, has a paid and free version. The free version allows for multiple accounts and you can follow / unfollow on more than one twitter account with the free version.

Follow Back People​

Take a look at the profile of your followers and if there is nothing too offensive to you then follow them back.

I always try to follow back my followers, unless they are fake accounts.

Tweet Photos​

Tweet out pictures. People like looking at pictures and they get retweeted more often. Tweeting out pictures is a Twitter must!

​Retweet other people’s tweets

It's the Golden Rule here. Retweet at least once per week!

Length of Tweets

Try to keep your tweets under 100 characters. This allows for retweets.

Target Followers

In the Twitter search box, type in things that interest you,  then follow those people with like minded interests.

If they don't follow you back, then you may want to unfollow them.​

If you are interested in working from home opportunities, follow the people who are following "Success" Magazine.

Fake Followers​

Never buy those fake followers! 

View Twitter In Mobile​ From DeskTop  I like this mode when following & unfollowing if you have over 10,000 followers. Just my preference.

More Twitter Tips​

If you have any excellent Twitter tips, I can post them here with a shout out to you!