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​I have also set up a free online classes Facebook page and there are many tools and how too tips you can benefit from.

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How To Find The Color Of Any Website​

Go to Google chrome and type in​ the Whatfont

You can install the free app in less than 1 minute.​ Click on the icon after it's installed and hover over any color you want the code for. 

The green on the add to the right is ​#1D651D. This is a free tool and very useful for websites and blogs. There is different colors on the green add, so use the tool to find the code for the different colors.

How To Make Your Website Load Faster​

​Use this free tool to compress the images you use on your WordPrss or website to make it load faster.

How to make my website load faster

Add a .com to the compress jpeg to go to the website. I use it all the time for my WordPress images. If the pictures are not compressed you website will run slower.

Just open two windows on your computer and drag the image you want compressed over and it gets compressed. Click download and then drag the compressed image back over to where you just want to save it.​

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George Dirlam

Thanks - George Dirlam​

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