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How Can I Find Keywords For My Website

It's easy to find some good keywords for your website, blog posts and social sites.

I have a few keyword tools that I use but I recently added this keyword tool and will look up some keywords for you at no charge.​

I don't sell this tool, but acquired it from a well know SEO giant and took advantage of their special promo. ​

This tool has a Google keyword search option and a YouTube ​keyword search.

Using this keyword tool is how I found the keyword phrase for this post.​

How can i find keywords for my website

The image above is the actually tool.

In the search box, I entered two words commonly used for home business entrepreneurs.

This keyword tool then came up with over 90 Google keyword phrases that would interest any work from home entrepreneur or blogger. 

These keywords are mostly in the form of questions.​

Notice the question of this blog post. I just picked one and decided to go with it.

I probably should of went to a Google search ​box and put quotations around the phrase to see the competition.

Let me do it now.

Google shows me 6 results for the competition of this blog post keyword phrase

​I don't really understand Google anymore for search engine optimization. Every time I try to understand Google SEO, I just get more confused.

Maybe SEO is dead? Some say it is and some say it ain't so.​

Can I use the word ain't? Oh well, I did - twice.

What I do know is that this page will show up on page #1 of Yahoo very soon.

The same goes for the Bing Search engine.​

Today is 4-20-16 and it's 11:35 pm on the west coast.​

I will check the results of this post on Yahoo & Bing for the next couple of days and put an update in this post. Stay tuned!​

My name is George Dirlam, please connect with me at my social sites. Just scroll to the bottom of this site and you will see my social Icons.​

I have a couple of other keyword tools that I use and like but this one is very quick and easy to use.​ 

Connect with me on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Skype, or leave me a message on Google voice and I can do a search for you.

Thanks, and I hope I can help you find a few good keywords for your website or blog.

George Dirlam - ​My Google voice - Phone # (775) 391-0263