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Best Workout Routines

Hello, my name is George Dirlam and this blog post is about the best workout routines to keep my weight off and be fit.

Everyone has different goals and my workout routines are going to be different than a bodybuilders goals, or even your weight loss goals.

Always consult you physician before starting any exercise routine or program to find what is best for you.

This blog post is what my results and exercises are. Your results and programs are going to be different than mine and you may have better results than me.

I don’t know what your goals are, but I want to have good muscle tone, low body fat, and basically be as fit as I can be, while keeping my workouts to under 1 hour per day, 6 days per week.

Persistence is the main key to success with anything, including staying fit, in my opinion.

Here is a picture of my arm after my workout on 8-5-14. I am 51 years old at the time of this picture.
George Dirlam

Here is the Exercise Routine I did

My workout right before this picture was T-25 day #2 “Speed 1.0”. I added added 4 sets of tricep dips and curls after the T-25 workout.

Curls – I used a pair of 15 pound dumbbells and did 35 , 25, 20, 20 repetitions.

Tricep dips – off  the edge of an “Urban Rebounder”, I did my tricep dips with my legs extended with a slight bend in my knees and did 35, 30, 25, 20 repetitions.

I started with the 35 curls, then did 35 dips and completed the four sets with no rest.

At noon before my lunch I did 60 pushups inclined off of the rebounder without stopping. I try to keep a “continuous burn” going on throughout the day so I like to add morning and noon pushups, but my pushups are not my main exercise routine and I may miss doing pushups here and there.

Rebounding Exercise

Rebounding exercise

Before my T-25 workouts I completed a 13 week “Urban Rebounding Extreme” workout program that I did 6 days per week at 50 minutes per day.

My T-25 workouts were half the time as the urban rebounding extreme workouts, so I decided to to the extra curls and tricep dips. I want to keep my workouts to under 1 hour per day.

I started “Urban Rebounding Extreme” on 4-21-14 and completed that fitness routine on 7-25-14. I tried a couple of the different urban rebounding workouts dvd’s before week #1 and then on 4/27/14 started week #1 and also decided to do 6 workout days instead of 5 days.

Wasn’t sure if these urban extreme workouts were 5 or 6 day routines, but I decided to make my workouts 6 days per week.

There were many times that I asked myself “what have I gotten myself into” when doing the rebounding extreme workouts.  I am kind of weird when doing my exercise programs, once I get going, I have to complete the exercise programs. 50 minutes workout jumping up and down without breaks are long workouts!

Write it Down

It’s a good idea to write down your workouts everyday to know where you have been. There is no way I could remember what workout I did 1 year ago or even 6 months ago without writing it down.

I just open a notepad, (you may like to use a spreadsheet) and write it down. I know by looking at my notepad that my weight on  1-20-2010 was 180.5 and my weight on 3-26-2010 was 160.5 and my weight today was 152.0 in the morning.

In 2010 I did the Insanity workout and lost 20 pounds. I stopped working out (big mistake) and gained the weight back in a little over a year.

On  2-20-11 I weighed 178.0 and started the RIP60 workout program. This program was 12 weeks long and I lost 18 pounds. Once again I stopped working out (big mistake again).

On 3-13-12  I weighed  176.0 and started the RIP60 exercise program again and lost 23 pounds. I did dvd’s 1-4 twice then moved on to dvd’s 5-8 and did those workouts twice also. After that I did dvd’s 9-12 and was down to 153.0 and this seems to be my ideal weight.

Today (9-2-14) my weight is 152.0 and I fluctuate around 150.0  – 154.0 but I never stop working out now.  I realized it didn’t make sense to lost the weight, only to put it back on.

When I finish one workout program now, I just move on to the next exercise program. I gave myself 1 extra day of rest (Vacation -WoHoo!!) when I finished the Urban Rebounding Extreme workout before moving on to T-25.

In my notepad where I document my workouts, I also write down what I eat and any other extra exercises I do. Quite often I do 60 pushups in the morning and 60 pushups at noon before I eat to keep a continuous burn going on.


I like to have a smoothie or meal replacement shake ( with protein powder & fruits/ greens) in the morning and I also add some vitamin supplements to my diet. More often than not I have to 2 shakes during the weekdays.

I also add a multivitamin (not a tablet) capsule, C0-Q-10, Vitamin D3, Omega 3 fish oil, Garlic, cinnamon, and Fulvic Acid to my daily diet.

My pre workout drink and sometimes post workout drink is a healthy coffee and of course I drink lots of water and I also like that Herbalife tea but don’t always have it. Green Tea may be one of the healthiest drinks you can have.

I try to add some other supplements but those are on and off and when I run out I may not take certain supplements for a while.

This WordPress blog post about exercise and workout routines is by me – George Dirlam.

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Disclaimer: The statements made on this blog have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The information contained in this blog is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.‏ Consult your physician before starting any exercise programs or drinking coffee. The results on the post are my own and yours may differ. I prefer coffee as a pre workout drink but coffee may not be a suitable pre exercise exercise drink for you, always consult your physician on pre workout drinks and exercise programs suitable for you.