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With Your Approval, I'd Like To...

Do 100,000 push ups! 

George Dirlam

Hello, my name is George Dirlam and I am back to blogging. Today is 7-28-14 and I will be consistently adding content to the blog page and other pages on WordPress & blogger.

I have recently moved my domain georgedirlam.com over to this WordPress site. I will add to this site periodically, most of the content for now, will be found on the home page & blog page.

Now in the beginning process (Oct. & Nov. 2014) of my 100,000 push-ups. This will take between 7 and 10 minutes per day total, spread throughout the day. 80 pushups without stopping took me between 50 and 55 seconds to complete.

Read my blog post "Push Up Benefits" to see if there are any benefits to doing 100,000 push ups.

​The main content of this WordPress blog will be: Exercises, earning a second income, Twitter, affiliate marketing, network marketing, online marketing, blogging, recommended reading and last but not least - "Faith". Plus a few other topics that I can't think of right now.

God Bless America

Update: 10-30-14​

Just finished my T-25 exercise program on Sunday 10-19-14 which took me 12 weeks to complete. T-25 is a 10 week exercise program but I missed a day to take my daughter to an appointment out of state so I did that week over. I also missed another day due to a friends funeral services, so I also did that week over also.

​If I miss a day I will just redo the whole week, I'm kind of weird that way. When I start an exercise program I don't like to miss even one day.

​Since I finished T-25, I have been mainly using the RIP 60 dvd #12 with Jillian Michaels. "RIP60" is a very tough workout which lasts about 25 minutes. I have been adding more ab work and pushups at the end of my workouts also. I think I am becoming a workout freak.

I want to keep my workouts under 1 hour for 6 days a week. I am also trying to increase the effectiveness in my results without going over 1 hour.

A couple times in this time frame, I have replaced RIP60 dvd #12 with a T-25 workout to mix it up. One hour per day, 6 days a week is enough, in my opinion.

I have also been adding pushups throughout the day. 2 sets in the morning, 2 sets at lunch, 2 sets in the evening. I try do do as many as I can which is about 70-90 pushups for each set. I just got to 90 pushups without stopping on 10-29-14. I heard Les Brown say he could do 140 pushups without stopping after warming up.

This has motivated me to get to 140 also. In less that 1 month I have increased my pushups without stopping by 30 more pushups. Thanks Les!!​

Total pushups for the week of 10-13-14 through 10-17-14 = 1713 pushups.​

​Totals for the week of Monday - Fri. 10-20-14 through 10-24-14 = 2030 push ups.

Totals for this week (7 days) 10-26 through 11-1-14 = 3000 plus push ups. I have 2 days left and I am at 2345 with two days left to get to 3000 .​

I did 563 push ups today 10-30-14 so I will definitely get to 3000 in the next two days.​

Update 11-5-14​

My new goal - 100,000 push ups. How difficult can it be?

I was taking a shower after my evening workout and was thinking that I could do at least 14,000 push ups per month, maybe even more. At this pace, why not do 100,000 push ups?

Now on pace to do over 3500 pushups this week, not including my workouts. I do 2 sets in the morning, 2 sets at lunch time and 2 sets in the early evening. I decided to do at least 70 pushups without stopping and continue on till I max out.

I can now do from 75-100 pushups without stopping. I did 100 push ups without stopping on 11-4-14 and with persistence should be able to match and go over this total without stopping. 140 pushups without stopping isa goal I need to achieve after I heard the great Les Brown say he can do 140 pushups without stopping after warming up.

Thank you Les Brown for getting me from 60 pushups to 80-100 push ups without stopping in about 3 weeks after watching your YouTube video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wnyxepdVlB8

This has put me very close to about the 480 pushups range for the day, so I started adding 1 more set later in the evening to go over 500 pushups per day and this has taken me to over 550 pushups per day. Today (11-5-14) I did 559 pushups in 7 sets throughout the day. Yesterday I was able to go over 500+ pushups in 6 sets.

If I can get in 3500 + pushups per week, this would be over 14,000 pushups per month. Many people can do a lot more pushups than me, these are just my numbers.8 months or less is a good time frame for me at thistime and I may be able to shorten this time frame with persistence and sticktoitiveness.

I decided on this goal today (11-5-14) and here are my pushups totals for the previous weeks, not counting any pushups I do for my daily exercise routine.

Pushups - (#1) 94 push ups 7:04 am, (#2) 80 push ups 7:30 am, (#3) 90 push ups 12:19 pm, (#4) 80 push ups 12:26 pm, (#5) 82 pushups 5:29 pm (#6) 81 push ups 6:07 pm, (#7) 75 Push ups 7:27 pm (#8) 30 Push ups 9:55 pm with the "perfect pushup" device .....612 total pushups today...3439 weekly push ups.​

I have now gone over 10,000 push ups with about 90,000 more to do to reach 100,000 pushups. Push ups with the "perfect pushup" device
seemed more difficult than with my hands flat on thefloor. I needed 18 more pushups to go over 600 so I did not max out with this tool. I may try to max out using the "perfect pushup" tool tomorrow.​

Update: Sunday 11-23-14
I have now done over 20,000 pushups since October 13, 2014. Read my blog post push up routine for an example of my daily totals to get to 20,000 in about 40 days.

​Here is a sample of my push-ups for Thursday 11-6-14 with two days left in the week.

​Push ups for 11-6-14    (#1) 85 pushups at 7:04 am,  (#2) 85 pushups at 7:32 am,   (#3) 90 pushups at 12:22 pm,   (#4) 85 pushups at 12:32,   (#5) 85 push ups at 6:17 pm,   (#6) 84 push ups at 7:20 pm,   (#7) 80 at 9:48,   (#8)  60 pushups at 10:15 pm

Total = 654 pushups for the day.

I added an 8th set to go over 600 pushups for the day, I only needed 6 more but decided to do 60 even though I did not max out on the 8th set.
Today's workout was "RIP 60" dvd #12 with Jillian Michaels. I also added some extra ab work after Jillian's very tough RIp 60 workout. I used an urban rebounder for the jump squats.​

  • 1713 push ups Monday 10-13-14 through Friday 10-17-14
  • 2030 push ups Monday 10-20-14 through Friday 10-24-14
  • 3032 push ups from 10-25-14 through 11-1-14
  • 3714 push ups from Sunday 11-2-14 through Sat. 11-8-14
  • 4025 push ups from 11-9-14 through 11-15-15
  • 5129 push ups from 11-16-14 through 11-22-14
  • 5154 push ups from 11-23-14 hrough 11-29-14 (2 days off no push ups, rest days)
  • 6175 push ups from 11-30-14 through 12-6-14 (Sat. 12-6, rest day)
  • 7036 push ups from 12-7-14 through 12-12-14 (Sat. 12-13 rest day)
  • 7399 push ups from 12-14-14 through 12-19-14 (Sat. 12-20 rest day)
  • 4933 from 12-21-14 through 12-24-14 with 25th, 26th, 27th off
  • 7354 from 12-28-14 through 1-2-15 Sat.3rd rest day
  • 7493 from 1-4-15 through 1-9-15 Sat. 10th rest day

Visit my blog post page - push up benefits to see my daily push up routine to get to 100,000.

Wish me luck in doing 100,000 push ups and if you want a challenge add push ups to your daily routine.

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I just noticed my WordPress blog www.learnhowtoblog.net is now on page 1 of the Yahoo and Bing search engines. It is showing up for the keyword "learn how to blog" in the #2 spot of page 1 for both search engines. I don't know where it ranks on Google and I seem to be having a tougher time ranking well on Google than Yahoo and Bing.

From my past experience with blogging and the search engines, this is not uncommon at all.​

My title tag had a typo and I fixed the typo today. I misspelled blog - slog. I guess it could have been worse.​

​The site still ranked well and the changes may take 2 weeks or less to show up on the organic search engines.

The domain www.learnhowtoblog.net was previously on page 1 of Google before some major changes were made by Google for search engine optimization. The domain is now hosted on my hostgator site and on a WordPress blog. with a StudioPress theme. I previously had it masked and forwarded to a Blogger blog.​