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The topics of this website include some of my interests and hopefully they are some of your interests.

Hello, my name is George Dirlam. Thank you for visiting my WordPress.

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Push Ups Benefits

George Dirlam doesn't recommend 100,000 Push-Ups In 4 Months

Most people don't like doing push ups and I really don't like them either.

George Dirlam

I finished 100,000 push-ups and here are some of my results, my name is George Dirlam 

One of my main goals was to do 140 push ups without stopping. It was easier to do 100,000 in four months than to do 140 without stopping. I was able to do 136 without stopping. 

I was having some ongoing shoulder pain for about a year before I started this push-up routine. As I was already thousands of push ups into it before I remembered about the pain, I decided to continue.

The shoulder pain completely disappeared but I can't say why,  maybe my shoulders got stronger. after doing that many push-ups in 4 months.

My recommendation is to not do this type of a challenge as it was taking away from better workout routines.

I purchased a Total Gym Fit and highly recommend this workout machine.​ 

Read my blog post "Push Up Benefits" to see my daily push up routine to get to 100,000. Below are a few snippets.

Now in the beginning process (Oct. & Nov. 2014) of my 100,000 push-ups. This will take between 7 and 10 minutes per day total, spread throughout the day. 80 pushups without stopping took me between 50 and 55 seconds to complete.

Just finished my T-25 exercise program on Sunday 10-19-14 which took me 12 weeks to complete. T-25 is a 10 week exercise program but I missed a day to take my daughter to an appointment out of state so I did that week over. I also missed another day due to a friends funeral services, so I also did that week over also.

Pushups - (#1) 94 push ups 7:04 am, (#2) 80 push ups 7:30 am, (#3) 90 push ups 12:19 pm, (#4) 80 push ups 12:26 pm, (#5) 82 pushups 5:29 pm (#6) 81 push ups 6:07 pm, (#7) 75 Push ups 7:27 pm (#8) 30 Push ups 9:55 pm with the "perfect pushup" device .....612 total pushups today...3439 weekly push ups.​

Lower Back Pain

Years ago I was having a lot of sporadic lower back pain. One day at work I was thinking that I may be vitamin d deficient, it was just a hunch.

I don't know if I believe in coincidences, but a few days later a company that I was doing affiliate marketing with put out a video on vitamin d deficiency and lower back pain. The video said 3 out of 4 people are vitamin d deficient and vitamin d deficiency may be related to lower back pain.

I started adding vitamin D3 to my daily diet and I haven't had any issues in at least 7 years with back pain other than a time or two with a slightly sore back. ​This is just happened with my lower back pain, and yours may be different

Seek your doctors advice for any medical issues.

Adding Vitamin D3 to you daily diet is inexpensive and it may be the cheapest and most effective supplement you can add to your daily diet.

God Bless America

You'll Wonder How You Ever Managed Without It!

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Are you a work from home entrepreneur, network marketer, affiliate marketer, business owner, or have a passion for something?

Then you should have a website or blog, preferably a WordPress blog with your own domain.

If you are an affiliate or network marketer, your cookie cutter website will not work well on the search engines. There are too many affiliates with the exact same website and pages.​ That's why you may want to get a blog as an affiliate.

Here is a free website you can use right now and configure it to whatever you want.

I learned how to blog in blogspot which is now called blogger. If you nave never posted a blog, blogger is a great place to start. ​

After using blogger I purchased a monthly website that was about $25 per month. I no longer have that website but it made me a nice extra income for a while.

A website is easier than a WordPress, but there is so much more you can do with a WordPress. There are probably over 100,000 different plugins you can add to your WordPress. 

With hosting which costs about $10​ per month depending on what plan you choose, you can host as many blogs as you want with your own domain. My hosting is about ten per month with unlimited sites.

If you don't own a domain, I recommend you buy a domain with your name. ​George Dirlam is a domain I purchased and it's the domain of this site.

I'm not bad at buying domains, if your name is already taken, I will try and help you think of a domain with your name in it.

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